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The Beatles Albums for Download
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The Beatles, Live
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The Beatles

The Beatles 1
MIDI ZIP files.

You can also download a 1.4 meg file containing most of The Beatles songs in MIDI format. This file will fit on a floppy, so you can share and enjoy. Also, this file contains images of The Beatles main albums, and a song and album list.

Beatles in Movies

John Paul George and Ringo

A Hard Day's Night - 1964
Help! - 1965
Magical Mystery Tour - 1967
Let It Be - 1970
The Compleat Beatles - 1982

John Lennon

How I Won The War - 1967
The Magic Christian - 1969
Chuck Berry: Hail!Hail! Rock and Roll - 1987

Paul McCrtney

Give My Regards to Broadstreet - 1984


All You Need Is Cash - 1978
Monty Python's Life of Brian - 1979

Ringo Starr

200 Motels - 1971
Born to Boogie - 1972
That'll Be The Day - 1973
Lisztomania - 1975
Sextette - 1978
Caveman - 1981
Princess Diasy - 1983
Give My Regards to Broadstreet - 1984

The Beatles
As early as 1957, a couple of the Beatles were making music. I will include a few downloads of MP3 songs from the earliest recordings. These are not of the best quailty. However, with the invention of the computer, the internet and digital storage devices, they should remain in their present condition forever, without further damage.

The QUARRYMEN was a group that included some Beatle members. There a a few albums out there (very expensive). Click for details.


This site is dedicated to the many who have toiled at creating Beatles Fan Sites. Here we will provide you information as well as summarized links. Each link has been visited, reviewed and commented upon.

We appreciate the efforts involved in these sites. The comments will help you decide which site is related to your needs. I have tried to break down the sites by Photo Gallery, Lyrics, Midi Files, MP3 Files, and more. I will add additional categories as I go along.

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